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My daughter was 15 months old when she started getting in home therapies through SD Regional Center. She was getting OT with Radiant Kids Therapy and has worked with Jackie for about 8 months. Jackie is a wonderful person, very patient and compassionate. She's always ready to listen to any concerns that I have with my daughter. She's very knowledgeable and informative I have learned a lot of techniques and strategies from her on how to help my daughter continue to develop her skills. She always comes prepared with fun and creative activities that kept my child engaged during their session. They met once a week for an hour for 8 months straight (we moved and had to pause services) and I have seen a lot of improvements on my daughter's fine motor skills and social skills - She started with not making eye contact, not responding to her name, doesn't say Hi or Bye, sensitive to anything new to touch and that completely changed in just a few months of OT. She's now more sociable and independent, likes to feed herself using spoon/fork, brush her teeth, wants to dress up and put on socks/shoes, likes to paint and scribble. She used to not like playing outside because of sensory sensitivity to sand, grass or just concrete and now she has made a lot of progress and started to play outdoors. Jackie has helped my child and my family so much. We'll always be grateful for the the help and care! She's amazing and my daughter absolutely loved her and I miss seeing my kid happily running to her at the door whenever she sees her.

Joyette B.

We were referred to Radiant Kids through San Diego Regional Center and were extremely lucky to be matched to speech language pathologist Dani. Our child was very shy at the beginning, but after some time, our child began getting excited when it was time for our weekly session with Dani, and our child would run to sit on the rug in anticipation of fun new activities. Dani was very flexible with the structure of each session, always being alert to our child's interests and moods that day. If our child didn't want to play with a toy or wasn't interested in a game, Dani always had another activity to pivot to. I was very impressed with Dani's patience and enthusiasm. I was also appreciative of Dani's support of us -- the parents. Some days, Dani would ask us if our child had any progress updates, and I would struggle to think if anything new to report and Dani would find something new to praise our child for. Any time I felt like I was failing our child in some way (for example, by not spending enough time practicing sign language or practicing pronunciation), Dani was always reassuring and encouraging. Thanks to Dani's help, our child went from speaking only three words to ~250 words in only a 12 month span, and her language comprehensive is even more vast than that. Additionally, thanks to Dani, I felt equipped with tools to help my child as well. I am so grateful we had Dani's help and highly recommend her to other parents who have a little one who just needs a little help with speech/language development.

Christina V.

My son and I had the pleasure of working with Hattie for OT. Hattie was always incredibly patient, kind, and supportive. I appreciated having someone to whom I could ask questions and brainstorm with. My son was very nervous and reserved in the beginning but he warmed up so much. We saw improvements in his ability to initiate eye contact, tolerate new textures and sensations, and learned new techniques for calming his body. I cannot recommend Hattie and Radiant Kids enough!

Laura B.

We see Marissa Thornquist once a week for speech and could not be happier with the service we have received. Marissa is an incredible therapist! I constantly find myself saying “she is so good at her job!” She is so sweet, engaging, smart, and is amazing with my little one. The progress we have seen in just a number of months has been amazing and our little guy is talking non stop. He (and we) absolutely LOVE her! She truly is the best.

Sarah R.

I like Kali’s [SLP] patience and willingness to help my son learn new things!

Mariela (Parent)

I cannot speak highly enough of our experience with Radiant Kids Therapy, specifically Stacie. Stacie is kind, patient, knowledgeable and extremely engaging. My son tends to feel shy with strangers, but Stacie quickly became his favorite person and the best part of his week. She is a wonderful therapist and helped him immensely in both occupational and speech therapy. We saw progress within a few sessions and were shocked at how far he came in such a short period of time. She truly went above and beyond for our family and we are very grateful for her.


My twins have been doing therapy since they were 9 months and I can honestly say I have seen such a huge improvement since starting. The therapists are very gentle and understanding. My twins love when they come to our house and play with them. Ever since starting, my twins have been reaching their milestones on time and doing things I have never seen them do before.

Brendalis S., (Parent)

(My son) is making progress and he (and we) loves Christina (“Ina” he calls her). Will be sad to transition (to the school district) when he turns 3!

Audrey D. (parent)

Hi! My name is Julia S. Just wanted to tell you, how thankful that I am to have Miss. Catherine to be my daughter's therapist. She was always on time. And very interacting with my daughter. Sadly to say… today was our last day☹️☹️. Just wanted to let you know that she is fabulous all the way around! My daughter came such along way with her.! Thanks for listening.

Julia S. (parent)

I wanted to say thank you very much for the opportunity to work with Natasha B. [SLP]. She was amazing! I do appreciate all her hard work! I can’t believe how much progress my son made!!! Thank you for all the help!

Monika B. (parent)

Cristin is professional, playful, fun and engaging with (my son), clearly a talented passionate SLP, answers my questions thoughtfully, gives me clear and manageable suggestions and instructions for what to work on with (my son).

Kacey S. (parent)

I really cannot thank Cristin (SLP) and Radiant enough for the time she spent with my son and I and the help she gave me as his Mom so that I could learn how to work with him on his speech in between our bi-weekly sessions. The care and professionalism that she showed was next level and I am beyond grateful.


My son seems to enjoy working with Dani [SLP] and I certainly do. Dani keeps all the sessions very positive and follows my son’s cues for what he wants to do. The sessions are fun and Dani makes it clear what we parents need to work on for the following week. I was quite anxious coming into speech therapy but I am glad we get to work with Dani!


Finding Radiant Kids therapy has been life changing for our family. Our 10 year old son has had extreme picky eating issues since he was little and we’ve struggled to find a program that would help him. Our occupational therapist, Bridgette, has been nothing short of amazing. She called me right off the bat and we discussed everything that has been going on with my son over the years. She was supportive and understanding from the get go. I finally felt like someone understood our struggles. She started coming out weekly to our house to work with our son. We’ve made amazing progress in the time that we’ve worked with her! The best thing for us is feeling like we have support and it makes the process of trying new foods less scary for him. She feels like family now and we look forward to every visit!!! I highly recommend reaching out to Radiant if you need help. They have been great to work with and we hope to continue making progress with our son’s eating.

Melissa W. (Parent)

I for one am going to miss Julia so much. She works so well with my little one and has a lot of patience and understanding towards him and my curious five year old, who finds her “toys” very interesting. She’s amazing in incorporating anything into her hour with him, he’s two, therefore a lot could happen in that hour depending on his mood.


Our daughter is a chatterbox these days and she works very hard at continuing her progress that we have accomplished with Kristin (SLP). We recently finalized her adoption and she loves saying her full new name! I’d like to take a moment to let you know that Kristin was amazing. She was the perfect balance of patience, enthusiasm and firmness. She really connected with our daughter and we appreciate her work so much. I personally learned so much from Kristin and continue to use the skills and tools she taught us. Thank you again for your support and we are certain to recommend your group and Kristin especially! Nice Job!


We love Carolina (SLP) and have enjoyed working with her.


Regarding SLP Rebecca, she wrote: “She is so sweet and patient with my daughter and doesn’t push her too far. She has helped so much.”


Steph [OT] is awesome and we’re so excited to see her again!


Cindy es muy dinámica , y trata cada sesión de hacer lo mejor para ver progresos en El Niño. Está trabajado muy bien.” (Translation: “Cindy (SLP) is very dynamic, and makes each session the best to see progress in my child. It (therapy) worked very well.”)


I just wanted to say that Christina is a phenomenal speech therapist!! We have seen our son grow so much in his speech since working with her! He’s actually saying phrases and sentences now… and just a few days ago, he learned how to say “I love you,” which for us parents just means so much. I just wanted to email you to let you know how much we appreciate you, your company, and Christina! I just wanted to share that with you today!


My son started with Laura at about 2.5 years age and we could see a huge difference. Very soon he was sitting more to do tasks. He had more words and was more attentive when spoken to. I highly recommend Radiant Speech Therapy. Laura is extremely knowledgeable and very patient.


Something I really appreciate about Tracey (Speech Therapist) is that she always pays attention to detail. She always makes sure that all her visits are interactive, educational, and fun for my son. Tracey did a great job at enhancing my son’s ability to speak. I would love to see more of her work at YouTube channels or some type of source where we can continue watching her teach. I really think she has a superpower around children and their caregivers. I personally learn so much from her. One of the things I admire about her is her passion for her job. She was always so prepared to teach and making sure my son and I learn. I can see her having a positive impact in so many more children’s future. My family and I are so grateful for her. She definitely touched our lives in many meaningful ways. Thanks so much Tracey!


To say that the services we received were “great” or “outstanding” would be an absolute understatement. The services we received profoundly changed my daughter’s and our lives in the most amazing way. I have no doubt she will continue to grow and learn and we are able to help her develop her language skills through the strategies we learned. We will forever be grateful to Kali [SLP] and Radiant Kids Therapy.

Dara K. (Parent)

I love how patient and consistent Ashley [SLP] is with my son. She finds activities that he enjoys doing. Ashley has been amazing! Excellent does not begin to describe Ashley because she always goes over and beyond.


Melissa [OT] is awesome. She is assertive and provides my son choices to choose from. Melissa is professional and great with my son. She is confident and knowledgeable.


Natasha [SLP] is SO knowledgeable! She always has an appropriate solution or strategy to address my concerns and is very clear in her explanations. She is conscious of my son’s strengths and weaknesses and gives us strategies to support both. She is so kind, patient, and has a calm, positive demeanor that makes us feel comfortable and happy to learn from her. Her services have been invaluable to us and we are so thankful for her work with our son. We love “Miss Tasha”!


Throughout this journey Steph [OT] has been exceptionally informative, candid, trustworthy, compassionate, supportive, and instilled hope in us when we needed it most. Fast forward to less than 6 months, and our son hit almost 100% of the fine motor skill goals we established for him. I am hopeful that with Steph’s continued support and therapy regime our son will continue to progress beyond our wildest dreams. Thank you so much Steph and RKT!!!!

Jami B. (Parent)

Cristin is awesome! Our daughter has progressed so much and is always working on new goals.


We absolutely loved Miss Laura and Miss Julia. What a great experience! What a fantastic progress. We first started seeing Miss Laura when we realized that our then 15 month old son was very very behind in his speech development. After 1.5 years or so working with Radiant Speech he was ahead of his peers speech-wise and very outgoing. While as a 1 year old he was pretty much mute and so very frustrated about his lack of ability to express his needs (apart from crying). Miss Laura was so accommodating that not only did she work with my speech delayed son but also with his “non delayed” twin brother (just because he was there and wanted to be a part of the “action”). My shy and mute 1 year old was very afraid of the therapy during the first session but grew to absolutely adore our speech therapist to the point where she became his favorite person and her visits were a cause for celebration. His speech progress was amazing too! Now any time I notice a possible speech delay in a toddler, I recommend Radiant to the child’s parents.


Cindy (OT) is very knowledgeable in what she does.
She is extremely patient with my son and tries her best.


Gianna (SLP) is very interactive and attentive with my child during their sessions.
We are happy with her methods.


My son LOVES playing with Valerie (OT)! She is great, and honestly an ideal match for him. Wish we could’ve gotten more in person time (before the pandemic) because I really would have loved to see her challenge him head to head and see his response. But teletherapy has been great and he really is making great strides. We love Valerie.


Since February this year, we have seen great progress in our child with Lindsey’s [OT] help, and appreciate her greatly! We would definitely continue with her! Best we’ve ever seen!


We love our speech therapist, Cristin. She is so wonderful! All 3 of my kids who see her love her.

Kathryn S. (Parent)

“Kalena [OT] has an incredible way of communicating with [my daughter] and teaching her effective methods. We are so pleased with Kalena and [my daughter] loves her.”


Tracey [SLP] has been amazing teaching us new strategies to help the boys and we’re enjoying our sessions with her. Their speech has come a long way since our first session.


Laura was my daughter’s speech therapist for just over 1 year, and the whole experience was incredible. Not only did my daughter’s speech improve to the point that she no longer needed therapy when she turned three, but my daughter also loved every session. From my end, scheduling was flexible and Laura was always respectful of my time. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience in a somewhat challenging time in my daughter’s life.


We love Cristin! We have seen lots of progress with our daughter’s communication skills. Cristin is very hands-on and our daughter loves her. Cristin also provides helpful information and handouts for us often!


Abby [SLP] is so caring, kind and patient!


Bethany (OT) is very hands on and interactive. She focuses on my son and is very actively engaging with him. Bethany is great with our son and he loves occupational therapy because of it.


My son received SLP and OT through Radiant Kids Therapy in-home for approximately 3 months. We worked with Ms. Abbey for speech and Ms. Hattie for OT. Both women were amazing. They were professional, engaging with my little one, and patient with my husband and I in teaching us techniques to use on our own. Our son blossomed in those short 3 months and we are able to continue making progress by implementing what we learned from the therapists.

April L. (Parent)

Natasha (SLP) is very flexible and she is willing to listen and accommodate any needs I have and tailor his services accordingly. We love her!


We think Ericca (SLP) is a superstar! And (our daughter) loves Ericca too!! Carrie and I are seeing improvement each week with our daughter’s speech. Cheers to the power of Ericca!


We are so happy with [our daughter’s] progress and are excited to see more. Cristin is absolutely amazing! We feel so lucky [our daughter] gets to work with her. We all love her! Thank you all for all your help and support.


[My son] and Cristin have been working wonderfully together and I’m very happy with the service!


Leigh [OT] is very hands on and does a lot of play with my daughter, which she thrives with. Leigh is very patient with her and my daughter has quickly gotten comfortable with her.


I absolutely love Radiant Kids Therapy and I am beyond grateful for them! Madison [SLP] does so well with my son and he absolutely loves her!! We had a speech therapist before from a different company and I was beyond disappointed. We then switched to Radiant Kids Therapy and it was the best decision I ever made!! We are so thankful for Madison and all she does!! My son who was barely saying 2 words just a few months ago is communicating so well with us now!

Jordyn R. (Parent)

We are so grateful for Jamie. My son loves her and she is very good at engaging him in all the activities. I’ve seen a great improvement in his communication and his behavior.


Cindy (SLP) is very approachable and friendly. She offers multiple approaches and techniques. Very thankful for one-on-one in-home speech therapy. Couldn’t ask for better service.


I’ve been very happy with Kennedy [OT] and am very pleased we made the switch to her. She’s extremely professional and thorough. I feel we get a lot of benefit from our sessions.


Miss Ericca is a 5 star Speech Therapist in the way she brought our 2.5 year old son to communicate by learning and using new words and vocabulary. Miss Ericca genuinely cared for our son and managed to build a great relationship with both my son and my wife, all in such a short time period. The results are amazing. We highly recommend Radiant Speech Therapy and Miss Ericca in particular. We are very grateful for their assistance.


Sara [SLP] is super patient, she is so understanding and kind when my son’s sibling interacts during the session as well. She explains everything thoroughly. She is simply the best!


Phoebe (SLP) is so wonderful! She has helped my daughter tremendously and her speech has progressed so much. She is the best. Phoebe is so good with my daughter and is always prompt and has had good communication.


Can I give 10 stars???? We had the best experience with Radiant Kids Therapy! The entire staff we dealt with from start to finish was so great to work with!!! We have been taking our son to speech for 4 1/2 years and this was the third time we switched. It is grueling work trying to find the right fit for your child but Natasha Brar was it! This change happened during COVID and we were so glad to have the flexibility to be able have him connect with Natasha while at home. She took the time to get to know our son and was so effective at getting him to a place where he needed to be. She has fantastic techniques and uses technology to build the bridge to success. She is personable and friendly. Our son really loved working with Natasha. Our son is having great personal success with speaking confidently and clearly and we are beyond grateful for Radiant and Natasha!!


We love Radiant Kids Therapy! The therapist come to your house and works with your schedule. In home therapy saves so much time and reduces stress with so many appointments every week. Melissa [OT] has a great connection with our son and is full of creative ways to help with his development process. I’m continually impressed with her vast knowledge and skill set she brings every week. We are so blessed to have her working with our family!!


My son had basically no vocabulary at age two, but after a year with Radiant Speech Therapy he’s not only back on schedule but an opinionated little chatterbox! Thanks so much to Miss Kali!


Cristin (speech therapist) was great to work with and [my daughter] really enjoyed her. Her vocabulary has improved significantly and we believe she is now caught up to her age level.


I cannot thank you enough or speak more highly of our “Ms. Lisa” (SLP). The support, guidance and advice Lisa offered us during one of the hardest seasons of my son’s life was absolutely invaluable. She helped us when we felt helpless and gave us hope when we felt hopeless. Lisa offered encouragement to us while providing him with the support, time and tools he needed to find his words.


We feel so lucky to have Emily [SLP] helping our son. He has made great progress and she is excellent with him. Her therapy is very child-led and she relates very well to our son. She always asks for input on what our areas of concern are. My son loves her!


In the last year and a half, our toddler son has seen a few Speech Therapists, and no one has come close to Scott’s level of expertise and well-crafted teaching strategies. Due to feeding difficulty, our son has poor oral muscle strength, which has caused a delay in his speech. My husband and I are thrilled to see such incredible progress in our son’s speech in such a short time since Scott has provided therapy sessions. We’ve noticed a great deal of improvement in our son’s verbal articulation and are better able to understand him; furthermore, non-verbal communication skills such as facial expressions, body language, and putting together words in a sentence have improved. Scott knew exactly which areas of weakness our son had as he did comprehensive assessment and evaluation and developed a customized treatment plan that met his needs. He expanded our son’s vocabulary by using books, toys, games, and other materials, including fun, playful activities to enhance language development and processing. Scott also took the time to educate my husband and me on how to help our son best, which empowered us as a family and built confidence in our teaching skills. Thank you, Scott!


My daughter is 2.5 years old and has been receiving PT for over 1 year and OT for over 2 months through Radiant Kids Therapy. Due to her medical condition and a Hickman line and later, a port in her abdomen for over a year, she was significantly weaker in her lower body, having difficulty with walking independently. With her PT, we’ve seen vast improvements in her gross motor and fine motor function. She’s running and jumping like kids her own age. With her OT, we’ve also seen great improvements with her social skills and independence (trying to dress herself with socks, shoes, and shirts). Thank you to Radiant Kids Therapy!


Thank you so much! Christina was wonderful and we will miss working with her.


We have been with Radiant Speech since February 2019. Our son works with Angie. She is the absolute best!! We went into therapies nervous and had a million questions and she was able to confidently answer all of them and after the first session we felt like we were ready and adequately prepared to do all the work needed to help our son be successful in therapy. When we started, my son was having trouble with holding eye contact and as soon as she started talking he would look up and stare at her. Her voice is soft and kind and he loves staring into her eyes and listening to her. She always comes into therapies with a big happy smile and an appropriate goal four our son to work towards and multiple ways to attempt to get him to achieve these goals. She 100% understands that things are forever changing with my son’s preferences and has many tricks to keep him engaged and to get him where he needs to be. My wife and I have seen so much improvement from February to today (Dec 2019) and know that with Angie’s guidance our son will learn more sign language, sounds and words and have a brighter future. We are so thankful to have her as part of our son’s life and couldn’t be happier with the company.


We received good feedback from a parent about Jamie (SLP) – family reported that they loved the SLP; that client made amazing progress and parents saw the hard work and dedication from the SLP. Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication and good job Jamie!!!!!


I appreciate that Melissa (OT) interacts with my son as if she’s a big sister. My son always tries to get in her bag of cool stuff. It’s only been 2 visits, but I’m very happy my son has taken to her.


Miss Liz (PT) is amazing my son loved her she was so calm and patient and knowledgeable and sooo sweet we truly miss her

Brian L.

I like that Miss Bethany (OT) is very professional, smart and fun! She explains everything she does and makes me understand everything about it. My son enjoys the therapy and we feel at ease and ready to learn more from her. We just started and on our 3rd session. So far, we have all but good things to say. I don’t see anything to improve, we are satisfied.


Ashley [SLP] is so calm, patient, accommodating, and always resourceful. She is so attentive and thoughtful and always provides so many ways to help my son and me. She is such an excellent therapist!


“Melissa (OT) is very encouraging and patient!”


My daughter was diagnosed speech delayed in 2018 and we were referred to Radiant Speech Therapy. We had Laura as our speech therapist and she was able to make my daughter (who was extremely shy with new people) feel comfortable and my daughter would be excited for her to come every week! Towards the end of the year Laura was going on maternity leave and was able to help transition my daughter to a new therapist Julia who also did great with my daughter. I have 2 other young children and both Laura and Julia were accommodating and even helped incorporate them into the lessons which I really appreciated since young children are naturally curious and want to do what their sibling is doing. We definitely could see improvement in our daughters speech and behavior by the time she graduated from the program. Our family is thankful and would definitely recommend them to anyone with a child who is speech delayed!


“I just wanted to say thank you very much for all your help! Natasha was absolutely the best! She got the best results and I couldn’t be more happy with [my son’s]’s progress!”


Anna is such a great speech therapist and person, my son and I truly enjoyed working with her. Thanks for all you guys do!!


Lacey [SLP] is very patient and kind. She’s great at what she does, it’s only been two meetings with her and I already see a bit of improvement with my son.


My son has been receiving ST from Madison and I’m beyond satisfied with their services. My son LOVES Madison and has done so well and we see so much improvement. Thank you Radiant Kids Therapy for all the great help and thank you Madison for all the support.

Jessica Z. (parent)

Mrs. Phoebe brings lots of fun learning tools that my son enjoys, each session is always unique and a wonderful experience, she provides us with so much knowledge and if I have any questions she helps me understand everything. My son has made so much progress already! We just love Mrs. Phoebe! She is an excellent Speech Therapist, highly professional.


My son and I have loved working with Jamie (every Thursday he looks outside to the parking lot waiting for her lol). I am so grateful for Jamie and the company because, my son has been doing way better than day 1. He has showed lots of improvement & loves Jamie. 💕 We will definitely miss Jamie as my son has now started pre-k and will only see her 2 more times. 😢 Once again thank you!


Tracey (SLP) is professional and knowledgeable in regard to child communication and social development. The whole process from setting a goal, monitoring, practicing, and evaluating has been organized and carefully planned. Also she always followed my son’s lead and encouraged him to engage to activities in a gentle way. Her insights, experiences, and knowledge helped me a lot to understand and support my son to make progress.


It was a true pleasure working with Miss Gina. She has a heart of gold.


Cristin (SLP) is creative and patient. She truly sees my child and finds solutions that match her unique personality and abilities.


My son was diagnosed with having a moderate speech delay at 2 and 1/2 years old; as a parent I was nervous that this would impact him as he got older. We started services right away with Ericca and I could not have been more pleased with how professional and truly kind she was. My son took to her right away and being that I have a daughter one year younger she assured me that her being there would not be an issue while they had their sessions together. She even helped my daughter with some speech issues and we were regularly tackling the sharing issues siblings have with each other every visit. I would highly recommend Radiant Speech Therapy, not only based on the massive improvement my son as shown in such a short time but having Ericca as our Speech-Language Pathologist made a difficult time in my son's life to an amazing experience that I will never forget; thank you so much Radiant Speech Therapy!!


I wanted to thank you and Christina… I really appreciate the support we have been getting through speech therapy.


Madison, my daughter's ST, is so awesome and professional to work with. Always on time and is able to work with my schedule. My daughter loves to work with her. In just a couple of months of working with Madison my daughter is able to communicate more with me. She first started with sign language and now she uses both sign and word together. So happy with our progress and can’t wait to see how far we get with speech.

Diana D. (parent)

Thank you for your service. We are happy with Ms. Gina (SLP), my son loves her sooo much.


Jamie (speech therapist) takes the time to understand (my son) and how he learns. She then tailors the sessions to his strengths and interests to maximize results. She always remains calm during his times of distress and knows how to effectively refocus the session. He has improved so much since working with her. She is truly so gifted and we are lucky to have her. Keep up the great work. We are incredibly impressed with the service we are receiving.


Laura and her staff are absolutely fantastic!! My son has been diagnosed with high functioning autism and I was concerned that he wasn’t talking a lot at 2 1/2 years. Radiant Speech Therapy was assigned to our case and my family and I couldn’t be happier! Laura and her staff are so patient, so kind, and have helped my son so much with his speech! Thank you, Laura, for your your passion to help kids.


We are very happy with Stacie’s [OT] work! Thank you for helping us to improve our son’s development.


I would like to thank Gina for her professionalism. She is a great speech pathologist. She is so professional and kind. All 3 of us enjoyed working with her. (My husband) and I have learned a lot from Gina and what she taught us, we have used to help (my son) with his communication. Gina was always quick to answer my questions and if she didn’t have the answer right away she always got back to me quickly with good information. I would’ve loved to continue working with Gina and I would highly recommend working with her to anyone.


We both love working with (speech therapist) Miss Gina, she is amazing!


Thank you so much! We are very happy with Christina she is truly such an amazing person! ♡ and great therapist!


I cannot thank Radiant Kids Therapy enough for the support and help they have given my son. They have highly skilled therapists who truly care about the kids they are working with. I cannot recommend using Radiant Kids enough to parents for kiddos who need some extra love, especially physical therapy. Kirsten [PT] has been a GIFT to us since we started with her over a year ago. My son has excelled and has exceeded our wildest imagination with his physical development thanks to Kirsten and all of her dedication to keep him on track. I highly recommend using them (and requesting Kirsten!!). Thank you Radiant Kids for helping my son. He wouldn’t be where he is without your early intervention.

Kristen C. (parent)

We think Michelle (SLP) is fantastic. We are looking forward to working with her and helping our son together.


We absolutely loved working with Cindy (OT). She was great with my son and we really looked forward to her coming every week. She was knowledgeable, kind, patient and always had new activities. We are going to miss her! (Parent sent this email upon discharge.)


Daniel (OT) seems very passionate about his career and he definitely seeks for my son’s well-being from the very beginning. Daniel is always available, he is very respectful, easy to understand, flexible and punctual. He gave the most helpful and positive feedback at the end of each session. Daniel gave me very helpful activities that ended up having a huge positive impact on my son. I love the way he interacts with my son, he totally understands and “got” him from the beginning. My son is very selective and Daniel had no problem with that and he completely matched with my son which made his sessions easier. My son really likes him. We are so blessed to have Daniel as a therapist. I absolutely have nothing bad to say about him! We love Daniel! And we are very thankful to work with him. I would like to recognize Daniel’s hard work and not to mention his dedication too. My son has made a huge improvement. Thank you.


Radiant and Steph have been so helpful in providing OT/feeding therapy for my son. Feeding therapy is difficult, we have done it elsewhere in SD too, and progress is slow but we were able to see progress and learn different strategies that work for my son. So grateful for their support!

Jade D. (Parent)

I was able to attend a session with [client] and Angie last week and saw such an improvement. I would love to have Angie work with more of my kiddos. She is amazing!!


The physical therapist (Liz) of our kiddo who had motor delay is very skilled, patient, easy to work with and she tries different ways to keep the little one engaged during the session. Our kiddo has made good progress with her help.


[My grandson] has been progressing so impressively. He is talking all the time and is very social. Ericca [speech therapist] has been a great asset. She is extremely thoughtful in her approach to the lesson and evaluation, is very professional and warm and caring with him. He looks forward to her arrival each week….greets her at the door with big smiles and lots of welcoming words! I think she is an incredible therapist. We look forward continuing the therapy with her and having him improve weekly!


[My grandson] has been progressing so impressively. He is talking all the time and is very social. Ericca [speech therapist] has been a great asset. She is extremely thoughtful in her approach to the lesson and evaluation, is very professional and warm and caring with him. He looks forward to her arrival each week….greets her at the door with big smiles and lots of welcoming words! I think she is an incredible therapist. We look forward continuing the therapy with her and having him improve weekly!


We are a bilingual household and our son was placed with a Spanish speaking therapist. Miss Cindy [SLP] was a pleasure to work with on a weekly basis. She was a great guide for us with our son and assisted us to make tremendous improvements in his speech. She also provided us with techniques on how our toddler could better communicate emotional behavior. Miss Cindy made the sessions enjoyable and always included the parent in the session. Our 2 year old looked forward to meeting with her every week. We are grateful for Miss Cindy and miss her dearly.


We love working with Savana (PT) and have been pleased with (our child’s) progress. We look forward to our continued sessions.


Natasha (SLP) shows a genuine concern and desire to help our family. She is flexible in regards to what we discuss and work on in our sessions. She has great ideas and helpful tips for us to implement on a daily basis. She is friendly and welcoming. Our son has made improvements with her help!


We love Angie (SLP), she has taught my son so much, including confidence. He knows who she is and even has a cute sound he associates with her that sounds like a little owl “hooo-hooo”. He has had such a great experience so far, and establishing words he has and encouraging his sounds and all the magic she does with him has been incredible to watch. She is always professional and kind, one of the most kind people I have met in my life. We’ve all established trust with one another, and to see how he has been growing and taking off has been truly exciting. I just want to deeply express our gratitude for Angie, she is such a light in our lives and as (my son)’s mom, it is SO encouraging to have him progress with his speech. I am so grateful. I also love all the tools and recommendations she has for us, she takes the time to explain why something is harder for him to do. She shows me and educates me as well, especially the exercises she recommends. I always feel like together we can accomplish more. Thank you! Samantha C.