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Your child’s physical skills include many types of movement such as balance, coordination, flexibility, strength, and more. If they struggle with any of these areas, our friendly physical therapists (PTs) can help. We provide in-home pediatric physical therapy to families in San Diego County for your convenience! Our licensedPTs use play-based, proven techniques to help your child build their physical skills to empower their lifelong success.

Not only do we work with your child, but we also work with you! We’ll give you simple strategies that you can incorporate into your daily routines to help your child master their physical skills.

What Is Pediatric Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy is a specialized approach that helps children master their ability to move their bodies how they want to. Our PTs work with you to develop your child’s motor skills through parent coaching and education so that you can help your child shine. This can include:

A baby is playing with a wooden slide in a room.

Who Can Benefit from Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy is designed to help children who struggle with moving their bodies freely to explore and play. Many children can benefit from physical therapy, especially if they have conditions such as:

Signs Your Child Might Need Physical Therapy

It’s always best to reach out to your child’s pediatrician or schedule an evaluation with our pediatric therapists if you’re concerned about your child’s physical skills. Your child may need physical therapy if they show any of the following signs:

A cartoon girl with a sun in her hand.
A cartoon boy catching a frisbee.

Benefits of Pediatric Physical Therapy

A group of children playing on a balance beam in a gym.
Children learn best by playing and exploring the world around them. To do that, they need to be able to move their bodies how they want to. By participating in physical therapy, your child can experience many benefits such as:

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