Pediatric Teletherapy Services in California

Your child deserves access to the pediatric therapy services they need for their health, happiness, and confidence. In some areas, we know that waiting lists for these services can be very long. That’s why we offer virtual speech, occupational, and physical therapy options for California families who need them. Our therapists use play-based, proven techniques to help your child build their developmental skills to empower their lifelong success.

How Does Pediatric Teletherapy Work?

One of the best parts about teletherapy is that it works just like in-person treatment. When you schedule your child’s first appointment, one of our pediatric therapists will work with you virtually the same as we would in person. The main difference between in-person therapy and teletherapy is that you will get to be more involved in your child’s treatment.

What Do I Need for a Teletherapy Session?

Most families already have access to everything necessary for a pediatric teletherapy session:

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Is My Child Too Young for Teletherapy?

At Radiant Kids Therapy, we’ve found a way to ensure that every child can benefit from our teletherapy services—even babies! Our primary focus in teletherapy is on parent coaching and education to teach you how to be your child’s therapist. The reason we do this is simple: our therapists can work with your child once a week, but you see them every single day. That puts you in the best position to help your child master their developmental skills.

Our therapists are trained in specific techniques that are effective in virtual sessions. We will educate you on strategies, exercises, and activities you can use to empower your child’s growth and lifelong success. In many cases, your child doesn’t even need to be present for the appointment, which means you can work with our therapists at a time that’s most convenient for you. Together, we can give your child the skills they need to shine their brightest.

Benefits of Pediatric Teletherapy

Teletherapy is a fantastic option for families because it offers so many unique benefits:

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