We love Angie (SLP), she has taught my son so much, including confidence. He knows who she is and even has a cute sound he associates with her that sounds like a little owl-“hooo-hooo”. He has had such a great experience so far, and establishing words he has and encouraging his sounds and all the magic she does with him has been incredible to watch.
She is always professional and kind, one of the most kind people I have met in my life. We’ve all established trust with one another, and to see how he has been growing and taking off has been truly exciting.
I just want to deeply express our gratitude for Angie, she is such a light in our lives and as (my son)’s mom, it is SO encouraging to have him progress with his speech. I am so grateful. I also love all the tools and recommendations she has for us, she takes the time to explain why something is harder for him to do. She shows me and educates me as well-especially the exercises she recommends. I always feel like together we can accomplish more.
Thank you!
Samantha C.

Samantha C. (Parent of a 2 year-old client)