Speech-Language Pathologist

Katherine, M.S., CCC-SLP, holds a master’s degree in Communication Disorders and a bachelor’s degree with honors in English Linguistics from Brigham Young University. She has clinical experience working in public schools and in homes with children of all ages, treating clients with ASD, apraxia, articulation and language delays, stuttering, and social delays. Katherine has conducted research in the field of speech science, presenting her findings at national speech-language pathology and linguistics conferences. She loves working with families from all backgrounds and has experience volunteering as an interfaith chaplain at a children’s hospital. A Northern California native, she has lived and traveled all over, including spending a year in Edinburgh, Scotland. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, singing, writing children’s books, and spending time with her husband and children. She is passionate about empowering families with tools to communicate better and gets excited by every bit of progress her clients make along the way.