We absolutely loved Miss Laura and Miss Julia. What a great experience! What a fantastic progress. We first started seeing Miss Laura when we realized that our then 15 month old son was very very behind in his speech development. After 1.5 years or so working with Radiant Speech he was ahead of his peers speech-wise and very outgoing. While as a 1 year old he was pretty much mute and so very frustrated about his lack of ability to express his needs (apart from crying). Miss Laura was so accommodating that not only did she work with my speech delayed son but also with his “non delayed” twin brother (just because he was there and wanted to be a part of the “action”). My shy and mute 1 year old was very afraid of the therapy during the first session but grew to absolutely adore our speech therapist to the point where she became his favorite person and her visits were a cause for celebration. His speech progress was amazing too! Now any time I notice a possible speech delay in a toddler, I recommend Radiant to the child’s parents.

Mag. J. (Parent, via Yelp)