We have been with Radiant Speech since February 2019. Our son works with Angie. She is the absolute best!! We went into therapies nervous and had a million questions and she was able to confidently answer all of them and after the first session we felt like we were ready and adequately prepared to do all the work needed to help our son be successful in therapy. When we started, my son was having trouble with holding eye contact and as soon as she started talking he would look up and stare at her. Her voice is soft and kind and he loves staring into her eyes and listening to her. She always comes into therapies with a big happy smile and an appropriate goal four our son to work towards and multiple ways to attempt to get him to achieve these goals. She 100% understands that things are forever changing with my son’s preferences and has many tricks to keep him engaged and to get him where he needs to be. My wife and I have seen so much improvement from February to today (Dec 2019) and know that with Angie’s guidance our son will learn more sign language, sounds and words and have a brighter future. We are so thankful to have her as part of our son’s life and couldn’t be happier with the company.

Kaylee/Jayme (Parents, via Yelp)