In the last year and a half, our toddler son has seen a few Speech Therapists, and no one has come close to Scott’s level of expertise and well-crafted teaching strategies. Due to feeding difficulty, our son has poor oral muscle strength, which has caused a delay in his speech. My husband and I are thrilled to see such incredible progress in our son’s speech in such a short time since Scott has provided therapy sessions. We’ve noticed a great deal of improvement in our son’s verbal articulation and are better able to understand him; furthermore, non-verbal communication skills such as facial expressions, body language, and putting together words in a sentence have improved. Scott knew exactly which areas of weakness our son had as he did comprehensive assessment and evaluation and developed a customized treatment plan that met his needs. He expanded our son’s vocabulary by using books, toys, games, and other materials, including fun, playful activities to enhance language development and processing. Scott also took the time to educate my husband and me on how to help our son best, which empowered us as a family and built confidence in our teaching skills. Thank you, Scott!

Afshin (parent, via Yelp)