Speech-Language Pathologist

Sara graduated from UC Berkeley with a BA in English and Education.
She began her career in nonprofit work with underserved communities in
Los Angeles and taught English in South Korea. Her love of language
and teaching drew her to Speech Pathology, and she graduated from the
University of South Carolina with a Master of Speech Pathology. She
completed her clinical fellowship in early intervention in the home
health setting and has loved working closely with caregivers to
empower them with communication strategies to use in everyday
routines. She has worked with clients from 1-13 years old with
speech/language/social delays secondary to Autism; Down syndrome;
hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy(HIE)/traumatic birth history;
premature birth; traumatic brain injury (TBI); cerebral palsy; and
rare genetic disorders. She also has experience treating articulation
disorders; phonological (speech sound) disorders; stuttering; and
feeding difficulties. She has worked with clients using both high tech
and low tech AAC. Sara uses evidence-based strategies and a
connection-focused, strengths-based approach to therapy.