Speech-Language Pathologist

Anna holds a B.A. and M.A. in Speech-Language Pathology (San Jose State University). Anna now has 28 years of experience as a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist and has spent the majority of years in the public school setting. After retirement from the public schools, Anna missed the little ones. She yearned to work with children and their families in Early Intervention. She discovered that the children who made the most progress were the young children that had parent involvement. The home setting was the most functional setting and the younger the child the faster the progress. Anna has significant experience with a variety of speech and language needs, such as: early speech and language delay, cognitive delays, autism spectrum disorders, articulation and phonology, language disorders (semantics, syntax, morphology, pragmatics) and various genetic disabilities. She is compassionate about the families she works with and is grateful for the opportunity to work with this very special age group.