About Us

About Us

Radiant Kids Therapy is a speech therapist-owned company in beautiful San Diego County, providing speech, occupational and physical therapy services for children ages 0 through 18.  Radiant Kids Therapy was founded by Laura Agyeman, M.S., CCC-SLP (Licensed Speech-Language Pathologist) in early 2018.  Since its founding, Radiant Kids Therapy has grown quickly to serve hundreds of children and families throughout San Diego County.  

We believe therapy is most effective in the child’s natural environment: her or his home.  As such, we have multiple licensed Speech-Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists and Physical Therapists providing in-home services all throughout San Diego County, as far south as San Ysidro and as far north as Fallbrook.  We also provide teletherapy services throughout the great state of California. 

This setting, paired with our focus on parent training and support, result in greater carry-over of skills and techniques learned during therapy sessions.  Our team is comprised of highly qualified, experienced Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs), Occupational Therapists (OTs) and Physical Therapists (PTs), all of whom hold at least a Master’s Degree (or higher) in their respective fields and are licensed to practice in California.  

Radiant Kids Therapy’s therapists are carefully selected for their excellent clinical skills, professionalism and high standards of client care.  Our incredible therapists’ experience spans a wide array of specialties and expertise across all three professions.  They are professionals of the highest caliber who also know how to connect with kids and make pediatric therapy what it should be:  simultaneously fun and effective.  In addition to excellence, our team members are also known for their quality of character, including kindness, compassion and empathy for and toward our amazing clients and their caregivers.  Check out our Testimonials page for quotes from just a selection of the many very happy parents we’ve had the privilege of working with! 


Pictured above:  Many of our wonderful therapists at a company holiday lunch gathering, pre-pandemic, Dec. 2019.  The company has already multiplied in size since this photo!  

Mission Statement

Our mission is to offer families a warm and supportive environment where they can learn about their child’s developmental needs and how to nurture their child’s capacity to succeed.  Our aim is to help empower children to shine their brightest through expert speech, occupational and physical therapy.  We believe children reach their potential by treating the whole child, using techniques learned from experience and directed by evidence-based practices.  We honor that each child is a member of a family unit where parents, siblings, and extended family each influence the child’s experiences.  Our philosophy centers on the idea that young children learn about their environment and how to exist within their environment by playing and interacting with their surroundings. We believe it is critical to make therapy as fun and motivating as possible. We strive to continually create a practice model that both parents and therapists love. We believe the clinic should be an educational resource to provide the community with direct access to the latest research and developments in pediatric habilitative and rehabilitative services. We value honesty and creativity and we respect the clients, therapists, partners and community we serve.